• More Reliable, More Stable Power.
  • Wind turbine units mounted ON Tower.
  • Diesel saving or reducing Generator hours
  • Increased wind energy.
  • Solar only on raised platform – 10-15m tall.
  • Possible for Additional Turbines
  • More Security
  • No interference with Comm. equipment
  • Silent operation

WindStream installed its first TowerMill® pilot in Nassau, Bahamas. The TowerMill® is a custom application of WindStream’s patented Solarmill® Renewable Energy technology, and is configured to provide autonomous power to telecommunication towers globally. This TowerMill® pilot in The Bahamas has a hybrid capacity of 10KW, and is installed where there is no available connection to the utility grid. The wind resources in The Bahamas in combination with solar energy creates the opportunity to recharge batteries up to 24hrs daily, and to greatly improve energy availability and customer reliability. In addition to the elimination of noise and air pollution from the onsite generator, the need for daily refuelling is substantially reduced.