BoatMill®– Fishing Boat

Coastline is ideal geography for Renewable Energy-Hybrid (Solar and Wind) because of availability of Solar energy during the day and Wind energy during the day and night because of radiation-convection effects. Solar Mill can be customised for ALL power solutions which otherwise is not possible because of Economic viability or constraints of Nature and Terrain. Isolated islands are best examples where the solution can be extremely effective. Similarly, Solarmill®s can also be used for Powered boats, Powering the on-board loads on the fishing boats, Power solution for lighting purposes for Fishing cages (Power System on Floating platforms), power to Air-conditioners of the Warehouses etc.

BoatMill with Air to water Generator

  • SolarMill® with AWG will give the necessary drinking water for
    the duration the boat in sea

The capacities are

  • 30 Litres per day
  • 50 Litres per day