Social Impact

Energy Solution for Schools and Colleges

Contributing to the critical infrastructure

With advanced learning models in place, the education sector demands a better environment that can facilitate students with uninterrupted power supply.

SolarMill(TM) can address this gap effectively not only for the grid-connected institutions but also for the government school buildings without electricity.

Windstream, as part of its CSR initiative, strives to power up the buildings with the support of various local government bodies and NGOs.

During the pandemic times, remote learning and deployment of various teaching tools has become mandatory for schools and colleges; wherein students can access global content and make use of their laboratories effectively.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Energy plays a major role in achieving universal access to clean water and sanitation

India has a population of 1.38 billion people and makes up 6% of the world’s population. Lack of access to clean water and toilets contributes to many health issues in India, including death and stunting. Ever since Independence, WASH Programs have been synonymous with the country’s public health agenda. Too many lives have been lost to preventable diseases such as malaria, diarrhoea, cholera, smallpox and other infectious diseases — all caused by poor hygiene, sanitation and inadequate water supply. As a result, the Government of India put emphasis on improving health indicators with a focused approach towards water supply and sanitation across the country.

Both water and energy needs are set to increase in the coming decades. The amount of water consumed in the energy sector will rise by about 60% by 2040, while energy used in the water sector is projected to more than double over the same period. Windstream, as a systems integrator, enables innovative and cost-effective drinking water solutions for rural communities and better hygiene infrastructure in urban areas.

Healthcare & COVID Vaccine Storage

Reliable electricity supply is needed for effective delivery of health services

A large number of government primary health-care facilities (GPHCFs) in India either do not have electricity connection or regular and reliable electricity supply. SolarMill, as a rooftop hybrid power solution, offers essential power supply to run primary health care centers for optimal functionality of critical equipment, provision of emergency services, and round the clock services - thus helping medical professionals and locals.

The “Chillermill” range is a unique brand that incorporates the patent of wind and solar energy. It provides high capacity refrigerators with up to 72 hours of autonomy. This new world chilling technology runs on 100 percent renewable energy with no operational or energy cost.