WindStream Energy Technologies

WindStream Technologies (WindStream Energy Technologies, India Pvt. Ltd.), has developed and tested the first-of-its-kind, integrated, hybrid energy solution and is now marketing and selling SolarMills® to a worldwide customer base, in more than 35 countries. The SolarMill® is designed to generate power at lowest possible wind speeds and coupled with solar panels can provide energy generation 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.


 The technology is patented globally. The SolarMill® is based on a modular, scalable, distributed renewable energy system designed and optimized for on grid and off grid installations. At its core is a highly efficient wind energy device, utilizing three vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) mounted on a single base. The units can be interconnected to increase a user’s energy production capability in low speed and turbulent wind environments commonly found at lower elevations.

 The SolarMill® incorporates P.V. technology and Wind Technology within a compact footprint, creating higher energy generation density than any other renewable energy product in the market. Our company is registered with Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and Our product is tested and certified by National Institute of Wind Energy under IEC 61400-2 standards.



The SolarMill™ is the world’s most complete renewable energy generation device…


PowerMill™ designed and built by WindStream Technologies and solves…


WindStream Technologies is proud to present the MobileMill, the first of its kind…


WindStream recently installed its first TowerMill™ pilot in Nassau, Bahamas…

SolarMill™–EV Charging

WindStream recently installed its first TowerMill® pilot in Nassau, Bahamas…

SolarMill™–Fishing Boat

Coastline is ideal geography for Renewable Energy-Hybrid (Solar and Wind)…

SolarMill™ – Floating Plant

Coastline is ideal geography for Renewable Energy-Hybrid (Solar and Wind)…

Installing Innovation

WindStream Technologies’ products are installed on rooftops around the world.


WindStream Technologies has partnered with industry leaders around the world as a means of providing its revolutionary products to residential, commercial & government Clients.