May 5, 2015

WindStream Technologies, Inc. announced that its Indian subsidiary, WindStream Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd., has been shortlisted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) to participate in an R&D project entitled Small Wind Energy and Hybrid Systems (SWES) to help define the standards that will be adopted by the MNRE for all manufacturers of hybrid energy solutions. In February 2015, the MNRE solicited for proposals to help define this new and growing sector in India and to assist it with developing a specification that will be the benchmark for all companies going forward. WindStream India’s proposal was selected for the small wind sector using vertical axis turbines and solar panels. Seventeen respondents were chosen out of the many submissions and WindStream was one of two commercial companies chosen, with the remainder being academic institutions and government research programs.

The MNRE has developed standards and has a process in place for approving solar and large wind, utility scale, products but not small scale distributed energy solutions. The MNRE is attempting to find technologies that address its energy challenges in rural and remote areas and has adopted the use of hybrid technologies. This project, when concluded, is expected to certify a variety of technologies that are deemed viable for use in off-grid areas. There are greater than 400 million people in India that are without a grid connection and this MNRE initiative is an attempt to address the problem. “When we first heard that this program was being launched by MNRE, we believed we had the most viable solution and had to become a part if it. I could not be happier that WindStream India has been chosen and that the SolarMill® will be officially evaluated and tested by this esteemed organization,” said Venkat Kumar Tangirala, President of WindStream India. “Should the project be successful, it would open up a vast sales channel for our products, not only for rural use but across the entire Indian electrical spectrum,” continued Tangirala.

WindStream India’s response to the RFP was to provide a technology that was a fully integrated, hybrid solution, which produces the greatest amount of energy in the smallest footprint possible, what the Company calls, “Energy Density.” “We are confident that our SolarMill® technology will be found suitable for the MNRE and the SWES and become a benchmark for hybrid products,” said Mr. Timmaraju Venu Gopal, Head of Production and Engineering, WindStream India.

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